Wattbikes are well respected in the fitness and cycling industries as a powerful tool.

Wattbike was built in conjunction with British Cycling in 2008, and their medal-winning track program. 

Wattbikes are trusted by athletes, coaches, trainers and sports scientists in all sports at the highest levels around the world, whether it's USA Cycling or the NFL, not to mention every team in football's prestigious Premier League. Whatever the sport, there's a Wattbike playing its part in critical training moments, from talent identification through fitness testing, performance progression, rehabilitation and recovery.

This is more than just an indoor cycling machine. It's a powerful tool designed to provide pro-level data while emulating the authentic road bike experience without the constraints of a traditional turbo trainer.

What makes Wattbike a good option for your training:

  1. Precision in Training: Wattbike takes training to a new level with its power-based approach, offering personalised metrics including speed, cadence, and pedaling technique.
  2. Improve your fitness regardless of cycling experience:  Wattbikes are ideal for both seasoned cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. The focus is on enhancing aerobic capacity and endurance, irrespective of your cycling background.
  3. Track Your Fitness Journey: The Wattbike experience goes beyond the workout. Users receive a unique fitness score, enabling them to benchmark progress and challenge themselves through a concise yet intense three-minute test.
  4. Advantages for All Cyclists: It's not just for the pros. Wattbike proves its worth even for avid cyclists by providing precise measurements of effort, surpassing the conventional method of tracking mileage.
  5. Cleats for Maximum Efficiency: The integration of cleats enhances pedaling efficiency by maintaining continuous leg engagement throughout the rotation, activating a broader spectrum of muscle groups.

Wattbike is as a game-changer in the fitness industry, offering a holistic and data-driven approach to cycling. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a newcomer to the sport, our Wattbikes not only a rigorous workout but a transformative journey toward peak fitness. Find them in the gym at Clayton Green Sports Centre and All Seasons Leisure Centre, just ask our gym instructors if you need any help getting started.

Published: 30th June 2024

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